Bellingham bar specials and events for Wednesday

Your Wednesday roundup on where to go and what to do in Bellingham. Updated every week.

Bellingham Bar Events

Opportunity Council Oktoberfest at Kulshan Brewing, 3pm-6pm

FemAles Collaborative Brew Release at Boundary Bay, 4pm-8pm

Meet the Wine Maker – J. Scott Cellars at Vinostrology, 5pm

K2 Trivia with Jen Castaldo at K2 Kulshan Brewing on Kentucky Street, 7pm

Trivia at the Slo Pitch, 7pm

Marcel and Nakos at Kulshan Brewing on James, 7pm

Fremont Brewing/Trivia or Dare at McKay’s Taphouse, 7:30pm

Spin Jam Hooping and Flow Toys at the Wild Buffalo, 7pm

The Walcotts, King Radio at the Green Frog, 8pm

Open Mic with Scot Casey at Honey Moon Mead & Cider, 8:30pm

90’s Night at the Wild Buffalo, 9pm

Karaoke with Addison Franks at the Swillery, 9pm

Karaoke at the Royal, 10pm

Bellingham Bar Specials

Archer Ale House: 20% off all whiskey, all day.

Bellingham Bar and Grill: Progressive wells start at 75 cents at 9, go up 50 cents every half hour.

Casa Que Pasa: $5.50 Tarantula margaritas, $5 spider bites.

Chuckanut Brewery:  Buy a pint, get the second for $2.25 6-close.

Cocoanut Grove: Veal dinner $7.75, Kulshan pints $3.00. 

Copper Hog: Bottle of wine and small meat, cheese and olive plate, $20.

Dos Padres: $2 double-it.

Glow: $2 jello shots, $3 tallboys, $4 Fireballs, $5 doubles.

Grand Avenue Ale House: Burger, fries, and pint of PBR $6, 5-10.

Green Frog: $4 well drinks 4-7.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: Pabst or Rainier and well whiskey shot, $5.50, game night – 10% off food for gamers.

NYP Bar and Grill: $11 steak and fries, or salad

Redlight: $1 off all infusions, $5 blonde redheads.

Rock and Rye Oyster Bar: $15 steak frites and a pint.

The Royal: Well drinks $1 8-9pm, $2 9-11pm, free pool.

Rumors Cabaret: $1.25 pints and $3.75 Fireball 9-close, $2 wells 11-midnight.

Scotty Brown’s: $5 off bottles of wine.

Slo Pitch Sports Grill: Wing night, wings 29 cents each.

Wild Buffalo: Hula hoop happy hour 7:30 – 9:30, $2 Rainier tall boys, $2 wells, $3 pints.

Today on Tap is a daily event roundup compiled by June Hathaway for Bellingham on Tap. Bar specials change from time to time, so please let me know if you see an error so I can fix it in future editions. Thanks in advance from your humble editor!

Outdoor Movie Nights in Bellingham

It’s outdoor movie season! There are three spots to watch movies outside in Bellingham this summer.

The Pickford Film Center shows movies atop the Parkade, 1300 Commercial St. Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema happens in the Village Green at 10th and Mill. Artifacts Wine Bar, a newcomer to the outdoor movie game, is showing wine-related films in the Whatcom Museum courtyard at Grand and Flora.

Be sure to check the venue link for additional info on seating, pre-flick entertainment, and concessions. Bear in mind that the movies can’t be shown until it’s dark out, so take starting times as estimates.

Sat. June 25
10 Things I Hate About You at the Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Saturday, July 2
Jurassic World at Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Friday, July 8
Sideways at Artifacts Wine Bar

Sat. July 9
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Sat. July 16
Aladdin at Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Friday, July 22
The Last Waltz at the Parkade

Sat. July 23
Star Wars: The Force Awakens at Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema
Somm at Artifacts Wine Bar

Sat. July 30
Labyrinth at Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Friday, August 5
Little Miss Sunshine at the Parkade
Bottle Shock at Artifacts Wine Bar

Sat. August 6
The Martian at Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Sat. August 13
Zootopia at Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Friday, August 19
West Side Story at the Parkade

Sat. August 20
Casablanca at Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Sat. August 27
The Princess Bride at Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Radlers and Shandies

On the one hand, National Radler Day is a bullshit made-up holiday. On the other hand, radlers – also known in the English-speaking world as shandies – are delicious. They’re basically beer spritzers.

The original shandy is usually described as half lager and half lemonade – but remember, in England “lemonade” means Sprite. The Wikipedia entry lists a ton of variations. I want to try Singapore’s Kip Lin, half lager and half tonic. Sounds criiiisssp.

Cheap Wine Chronicles: Creacion Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, 2014

by June Hathaway

I’ve bought this wine at least twice before. Or at least, I have definitely purchased some kind of white wine creacionfrom the Chilean vintner Creacion. It shows up at the Grocery Outlet often, but not so often that I can remember what I thought of it the last time. All I know is that I have taken it to parties and not been asked to leave.

The wine has a light golden color and a crisp, somewhat sharp bouquet. It’s quite dry, with a mineral taste somewhere between tart apples and rubbing alcohol. It really isn’t very good. I’ve obviously been buying it because I like the label. Hosts, please accept my apologies and assurance that I’ll do better next time.

$4.99 at the Gross Out.

Today on Tap: St. Patrick’s Day

Where to go and what to do in Bellingham this St. Patrick’s Day. Updated well nigh constantly all day.


St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans including music, dance and lots of food specials at Boundary Bay, all day.

St. Patrick’s Day 10th Anniversary Celebration takes over the block with music, beer garden, and food trucks on Commercial Street outside Uisce, 4pm-late

James Higgins and the Daft Rascals at Archer Ale House, 6:30pm. The Archer is also running a bunch of special food and drink items, including Irish car bomb cheesecake (!)

Bingo at Poppe’s 360 at 7pm.

Marcel and Nakos at McKay’s Taphouse, 8pm

Open jam with Pat McFarland  at the Village Inn Pub, 8pm

Write Riot Poetry Slam at the Honey Moon, 8:30pm

Local Bands Showdown at the Shakedown, 9pm

Kaeli Earle, Momo Grace, Ruby Flambe at the Swillery, 9pm

The Porchlights and James Higgins at the Green Frog, 9:30pm

Throwback Thursday  at Rumors Cabaret, 10pm

Karaoke with Aireekah at the Culture Cafe, 10pm

100 with Dielan, DJ Boombox, DJ Hunter at the Wild Buffalo, 10pm

Karaoke at the Royal, 10pm


Cap’s Lounge: El Jimador $4.50, Hornitos $4 7-close.

Casa Que Pasa: $5 Pabst and shot of Pancho Villa Gold.

Cocoanut Grove: Beef and cheese dip with side $6.75, Bud Light Limearitas $2.50.

Copper Hog: $3 wells all day.

Grand Avenue Ale House: $3 Rolling Rock pitchers, 9-midnight or when the tap runs out.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: $5 White Russians.

New York Pizza: Tequila and taco Thursday – $5 margaritas, taco and quesadilla plates $5-$7 all day.

Northside Restaurant: Taco night – 3 tacos/$2, taco salad $6.95, margaritas $3.

Redlight: Industry night.

Rumors Cabaret: 10-1. $1 wells and $2.25 Rainier pitchers 9-11, $2 wells 11-1.

Scotty Brown’s: $2 off margaritas.

Slo Pitch: Rotating micro and Cuervo, $4, slider trio $6.99 5-9pm.

Village Inn Pub: All day happy hour.

The Waterfront: Progressive well night – 7-7:30 $2.50, 7:30-8 $2.75, 8 till close $3, with appetizer order.

Wild Buffalo: $2 wells until 11pm, $ wells after 11.

Sunday Funday – Valentine’s edition

Oh, hi there cutie. Here’s your V-Day update on where to go and what do to on Valentine’s Day in Bellingham. Updated every week.


Slow Jam at the Green Frog, 4pm

Trivia with host Jen Castaldo at Archer Ale House, 7pm

The Devilly Brothers at Kulshan Brewery, 7pm

Geek Trivia at the Racket, 7pm

The Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Are Single and Want to Fall In Love at Honey Moon, 8:30pm

Singles Standup Comedy Showcase at the Shakedown, 9pm

Singled Out Valentine’s Party at Glow, 9pm

Kissing Booth and Singalong at Cap Hansen’s, 9pm

The Dip and the Fabulous Party Boys at the Wild Buffalo, 9:30pm


Bob’s Burger & Brew, downtown: All day happy hour.

Cafe Akroteri: All day happy hour.

Casa Que Pasa: $4.50 bloody marys, mimosas and lime rocks margaritas.

Cascade Pizza: Double wells $3.25, 50 cents off beer, wine and top shelf all day.

Cliff House Restaurant: All day happy hour.

Copper Hog: Brunch served 9am-2pm. Industry night, 20% off everything with service industry paystub.

Dos Padres: $4 bloody marys and caesars.

El Gitano: All day happy hour.

Green Frog: $15 grilled cheese bloody mary.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: $1 off micro pints.

New York Pizza & Bar: Brunch 9am-2pm, drink specials and $15 bottomless mimosas, all day happy hour.

Nicki’s Bella Marina: All day happy hour.

The Racket: $3 wells, $1 off drafts, $6 infusion bloody marys, and $4 mimosas, all day.

Reset Games Arcade: $1 off all beers.

Rock and Rye Oyster House: Brunch 10am-2pm.

Scotty Brown’s: $2 caesars and mimosas.

State Street Bar: Free pool.

Temple Bar: All day happy hour.

The Up and Up: Free pool.

Village Inn Pub: Free pool 1-9; $3.95 burgers 4-8.

The Waterfront: Ladies night – happy hour 4-close, $4 Fireball shots.

Valentine’s Day (for people who are too cool for Valentine’s Day_

by Sally Wolff

Welcome to February, where it’s still stone cold winter, all warmth and happiness is a bleak and distant memory, and Valentine’s Day is the only holiday to look forward to. Most of you reading this will probably roll your eyes and be all


But why?

Well, everyone in a relationship seems to think that V-Day is a hollow shell of Hallmarked empty gestures, and you’re too good for it, obviously. And single people, heaving a collective sigh on Valentine’s Day, mutter bitterly into their whiskeys before wholeheartedly proclaiming that love is bullshit and being single is better because nothing can tie me down, man.

So yeah, I get that it’s corny and contrived and generally a meaningless day, but fuck… if you have an excuse to do something special, then do something special, you know? So quit rolling your eyes, put some pants on, and have a few tips on the house how to make a goddamn memory already.

Are you single? 

Are you in a relationship but you both think Cupid’s 15 minutes of fame are lame? Try a potluck! Invite friends over, provide a festive punch or a rack of beer, and eat a weird assortment of foods. I believe that any excuse to host a house party should be seriously considered, and here you have a rare opportunity to a) serve red velvet cake, and b) play spin the bottle. So what are you waiting for?

Are you sad? 

Do you often comfort yourself with cute animal videos on YouTube? Do you own a cat? If you’re like 98% of the people I know, the answer to all three, or at least two outta three, is a resounding YES! If so, arrange a pet date. Your friend has a cat, your other friend has a dog or two. BRING THEM ALL TO YOUR HOUSE. Drink some wine, hang out with some animals and your friends/their owners, and really let yourself wallow.

Are you seriously in love?

Like, super in love? Just make a thermos of hot toddy, bundle up, and go on a night walk. Make out in a dark public place, get a little drunk, and hurry on home to get yer bone on. Obviously.

Do you like someone? 

Do they like you backsies? When I asked my coworker what he thought people should do on Valentines Day, he said,“oh, you do it. Do it a lot. Like all day. With someone you like.”

“Yeah,” chimed in my other coworker, “it’s sentimental as shit!” Wise words from wise men. So call up that piece of ass you’ve been making out with on a regular basis and make a 16 hour doin’ it date. Commit to gettin’ weird all goddamn day.

Are you into something weird?

Have you been too nervous to say something to your sex-love-life-partner? Today is your day. Give your person the ultimate gift of all: the gift of honesty. What better time to tell them about your freaky desires? If not today, then when? It’s gotta happen sooner or later, so you might as well choose an arbitrary occasion like today to make today truly memorable. Good luck, champ.

Do you like pizza? 

Regardless of the day, occasion, or banality of any situation, ask, “Would pizza make today better?” The answer, undoubtedly, is yes. Yes it would. Valentine’s Day is no different. Have a pizza party! Your roommate/ spouse/girlfriend/you will be into it.

Do you love drinking, but hate being seen in public when its likely that you might burst into tears at any given moment? 

Hey, me too! Don’t worry; there are options for the softies of the world. Try a beer or wine tasting at your place. Get a few friends together and have everyone bring their favorite libation along a theme (lagers, white wines, IPAs, etc). Drink up and rest assured that if you collapse into a fit of emotion one of your friends will safely tuck you into bed before tending to the get-together. That’s what friends are for.

Do you have money? 

Most people I know, myself included, do not. However, f you do, congratulations! I often fantasize about the wonderful things/experiences/gestures I could buy for my loved ones if I just had liiiiiittle more money. So, hot shot, you’ve got it, SPEND IT!

One time someone sent me flowers at my work on Valentine’s Day and it was the Coolest. Thing. Ever. If you’re looking to impress, let it be known that flowers never get old. Cough up thirty bucks, look up your girlfriend’s address, and make her feel like a million goddamn dollars. FLOWERS, MAN. FLOWERS.

Take these tips and do something. Or don’t. It’s up to you. But know that gestures get you places, non-gestures get you shit-talked on the phone in the drunken hours. Other than that all I can suggest are nude pics, a nice bottle of a favorite spirit, and a staunch avoidance of anything from the the Russell Stover confectionary line. Snuggle up, and happy Valentine’s Day!

This article appeared in the Bellingham on Tap February 2014 issue.