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Bellingham bar specials and events for Wednesday

Your Wednesday roundup on where to go and what to do in Bellingham. Updated every week.

Bellingham Events

Game Night at Rook and Rogue, 5:30pm

K2 Trivia with Jen Castaldo at K2 Kulshan Brewing on Kentucky Street, 7pm

Trivia at the Slo Pitch, 7pm

Gallowglass at Kulshan on James, 7pm

Ron Hardesty, Hobbled Horse at the Green Frog, 7pm

Spin Jam Hooping and Flow Toys at the Wild Buffalo, 7pm

Music and Poetry with JP Falcon at Greene’s Corner, 7pm

Trivia with Monique at McKay’s Taphouse, 7:30pm

Open Mic at Honey Moon Mead & Cider, 8:30pm

Trivia at Rumors, 9pm

90’s Night at the Wild Buffalo, 9pm

Shimmertraps, Dwight Smith, Club Mage at the Shakedown, 9pm

Karaoke at the Royal, 10pm

Karaoke at the Swillery, 10pm

Talent Show at Rumors, 11pm (signups start at 9pm)

Bellingham Bar Specials

Archer Ale House: 20% off all whiskey, $5 scratch whiskey gingers, and whiskey flight specials.

Bellingham Bar and Grill: Progressive wells start at 75 cents at 9, go up 50 cents every half hour.

Bob’s Burgers and Brew, Downtown: $3 half order of wings, 7pm-11pm.

The Cabin: $3 hot dog and a tall boy.

Casa Que Pasa: $5.50 Tarantula margaritas, $5 spider bites.

Chuckanut Brewery:  Buy a pint, get the second for $2.25 6-close.

Cocoanut Grove:  BBQ chicken sandwich $5.75, micro pints $3.00. 

Grand Avenue Ale House: Burger, fries, and pint of PBR $6, 5-10.

Green Frog: $4 well drinks 4-7.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: Pabst or Rainier and well whiskey shot, $5.50, game night – 10% off food for gamers.

Luna’s Bistro: All burgers $7,

Nicki’s Bella Marina: $1 off all whiskey and ribs.

Redlight: $1 off all infusions, $5 blonde redheads.

Rock and Rye Oyster Bar: $15 steak frites and a pint.

The Royal: Well drinks $1 8-9pm, $2 9-11pm, free pool.

Rumors Cabaret: $1.25 PBR pints and $3.75 Fireball 9-close, $2 wells 11-midnight.

Scotty Brown’s: $5 off bottles of wine.

Slo Pitch Sports Grill: Wing night, wings 29 cents each.

Wild Buffalo: Hula hoop happy hour 7:30 – 9:30, $2 Rainier tall boys, $2 wells, $3 pints.

Today on Tap is a daily event roundup compiled by June Hathaway for Bellingham on Tap. Bar specials change from time to time, so please let me know if you see an error so I can fix it in future editions. Thanks in advance from your humble editor!

Bellingham bar specials and events for Tuesday

There’s plenty to do this Tipsy Tuesday.


Trivia with John Drum at Skylarks, 6pm

Pink Drinks with Peadar and Bradley at the Cabin, 7pm

Chuck Dingee and Myron Brown at Greene’s Corner, 7pm

Trivia at Pizza’za, 7:30pm

Blues Jam with Andy Koch at the Wild Buffalo, 7:30pm

Punch Up Comedy Open Mic at the Shakedown, 8pm

Trivia with host Thomas Mooney at Uisce8pm

Trivia at Boston’s, 8pm

Jan Peters and Sam Vogt at Honey Moon, 8:30pm

Slam Bad Poetry Benefit for Suicide Prevention at the Swillery, 9pm

Soul Night at the Green Frog, 9:30pm

Karaoke at the Royal, 10pm

80s Night at the Shakedown, 10pm


Bellingham Bar and Grill: Free pool 9pm-close.

Bob’s Burgers and Brew, Downtown: $2 tacos, 3 for $5, all day in the bar.

Cap’s Lounge: $4.50 Jameson and Maker’s Mark 7pm-close.

Casa Que Pasa: $6 Tecate and shot of 2 Fingers Gold.

Cocoanut Grove: Beef taco salad $5.75, Mexican bottled beer and well tequila $2.75.

Chuckanut Brewery: $1.50 kolsch glasses 5-close.

Grand Avenue Ale House: $3.00 PBR pitchers, micro pints, well drinks, or fry basket, 9-midnight.

Green Frog: $2 wells, $2 pints until 11pm.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: All day happy hour.

Jalapenos, all locations: $2 tacos all day.

Nicki’s Bella Marina: Bucket of five beers, boat of onion rings $20.

Northside Restaurant: Half price appetizers, $3.50 drafts.

Redlight: $4 well shots and drinks, $8 doubles.

Reset Games Arcade: Tallboy Tuesday, all the talls $2.

Rock and Rye Oyster House: Industry night, 15% off.

The Royal: Progressive drinks – wells and domestic drafts 50 cents 8-9pm, $1 9-10, $2 10-11, $3 11-midnight, $4 midnight-1am, $2.50 1-close.

Rumors Cabaret:  Trashy Tuesday – $2 wells, $2.50 beer in a bag, and $3 pitchers of PBR from 9pm -midnight.

Scotty Brown’s: $2 off bellinis.

The Shakedown/The Racket: $2 Tuesday – $2 off all tequila shots at the Racket/Shakedown all day, $2 Tecate cans at the Racket 6pm-close, jello shot with each drink purchase at the Shakedown.

Slo Pitch:  Bellingham Brews and pear bombs $4, $1 tacos from 6-9pm. 

Swillery: $1 of most drinks (doesn’t apply to combo specials).


Sunday Funday: Bellingham bar specials and events

Where to go and what to do in town on Sunday.

Sunday shows and events in Bellingham

Slow Jam at the Green Frog, 4pm

Trivia with Jeff Zweirs at Boundary Bay, 5:30pm cancelled for today

Trivia with Jen at Archer Ale House, 6:30pm

Heron and Crow at Kulshan Brewing on James, 7pm

Open mic with Chuck Dingee at Culture Cafe, 7pm

Yesterday’s Playboys at Greene’s Corner, 7pm

The Burying Ground at the Green Frog, 8pm

Panty Hoes Drag Show at Rumors, 8pm

Motorcoat, Rogue Noise at the Shakedown, 8pm

Deerhoof at the Wild Buffalo, 8:30pm

Singalong Time at Cap’s, 9pm

The Betty Desire Show at Rumors, 10pm

Sunday bar specials in Bellingham

Bob’s Burger & Brew, downtown  All day happy hour.

The Cabin: All day happy hour, $6 bloody marys.

Cafe Akroteri: All day happy hour.

Casa Que Pasa: $4.50 bloody marys, mimosas and lime rocks margaritas.

Cocoanut Grove: All day happy hour, roast beef sandwich $6.25.

El Gitano: All day happy hour.

Green Frog: $15 grilled cheese bloody mary, Slow Jam, 4pm.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: $1 off micro pints.

Nicki’s Bella Marina: All day happy hour.

The Racket: $3 wells, $1 off drafts, $6 infusion bloody marys, and $4 mimosas, all day. 

Redlight: $10 grilled cheese and bloody mary all day, game night – board and card games, 8pm-midnight.

Reset Games Arcade: $1 off all beers.

Rumors: Homosocial Hour, $2 wells 6pm-9pm

Scotty Brown’s: $2 caesars and mimosas.

State Street Bar: Free pool.

Temple Bar: All day happy hour.

The Up and Up: Free pool.

Village Inn Pub: Free pool 1-9.

Bellingham bar specials and events for Saturday

Live music, dancing and other over-21 fun in Bellingham tonight.

Bellingham Events

Singer’s Saturday at the Fireside Martini Bar, 4pm

Mr, Miss. and Ms. Gay Bellingham Pageant at Rumors, 6pm-9:30pm

Hey Pedro at Old World Deli, 6pm

Landing Party at Pizza’zza, 7pm

Willie Watson, Bedouine at the Green Frog, 7pm

Bill MacDounough Trio at Skylark’s, 8pm

Halo Night at Best Buds Gaming Lounge, 8pm

Chuck Dingee at the Fireside Martini Bar, 8pm

Emma Jaques at Honey Moon, 8pm

Karaoke at El Gitano, 9pm

Yogoman Burning Band, Whiskey Fever at the Wild Buffalo, 9pm

Partylicious with DJ Boombox Kid at Rumors, 10pm

Karaoke at Jalapeno’s Barkley, 9pm

Alex Ashley and the Resolve at the Green Frog, 9:30pm

The Damn Times, Gallow Swings, Lonebird at the Shakedown, 10pm

Bellingham Bar Specials

Casa Que Pasa: $6 tarantula margaritas.

Cocoanut Grove: Hot dog and fries $5.25, domestic pints $2.75. 

Grand Avenue Ale House: $2.00 off  micro pitchers with 18 wings, 5-10.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: $4 blood orange screwdrivers.

The Royal: $2 wells 9-11.

Rumors: $6 doubles.

Slo Pitch: $3 Coors Light, $4 duck farts.

Village Inn Pub: Buy one entree get the second for half price, 4pm-8pm.


Bellingham bar specials and events for Friday

Friday fun in Bellingham, updated weekly.

Bellingham events for Friday

Commercial Street Night Market on Commercial between Magnolia and Holly, 6pm-10pm

High Mountain String Band at Boundary Bay, 6pm

Griffin House at the Green Frog, 7pm

Cheryl Hodge Duo at Lovitt, 7pm

Telefonic at Skylark’s, 8pm

Bruce Parker and Carr Johnson at Fireside Martini & Wine Bar, 8pm

Fritz and the Freeloaders at Honey Moon, 8:30pm

Karaoke with host Seamus O’Carey at the Village Inn Pub, 9pm

Reggae Night with Blessed Coast at Boundary Bay, 9pm

Karaoke at El Gitano, 9pm

Fleetmac Wood Rumors Rave at the  Wild Buffalo, 9pm

Transmissions: A Wake for Cassini w/Scary Monster and the Super Creeps at the Shakedown, 9:30pm

Flashback Friday at Rumors, 10pm

Bellingham bar specials for Friday

Boundary Bay: Fish fry in the beer garden. 4pm.

Casa Que Pasa: $6 Hornitos refreshers.

Chuckanut Brewery: $8 liter steins.

Cocoanut Grove: 6oz. New York Steak Caesar Salad $7.75, domestic bottled beer $2.50.

Green Frog: $3 pints 4-7.

Rumors Cabaret: $4 Long Island iced teas, $6 double wells, $4 Long Beach Iced teas 9-midnight.

Scotty Brown’s: $3 off pitchers of beer.

Bellingham bar specials and events, Thursday

Here’s where to go and what to do in Bellingham this Thirsty Thursday.


Robert & Peter Blake at Boundary Bay, 5pm

Blues, Brews & BBQ with Babycakes at Hotel Bellwether, 5pm

Cheers and Paint at Greene’s Corner, 6pm

Coloring Night at Vinostrology, 6pm

Orb Trio at EAT, 7pm

Bingo Benefit for Community to Community Development at Bayou on Bay, 7pm

Open jam with Pat McFarland at the Village Inn Pub, 8pm

Karaoke at Zen Sushi, 8pm

Local Ghost, Illogicians at the Green Frog, 8pm

Roger Quiggle at Skylark’s, 8pm

Deakin Hicks, The Gallus Brothers at Boundary Bay, 8pm

The Not-Creepy Gathering for People Who Want to Fall in Love at Honey Moon, 8:30pm

Pup, No Guts at the Wild Buffalo, 9pm

Shake Thursday with DJ Intermix at Rumors Cabaret, 9pm

Karaoke at the Culture Cafe, 10pm

Karaoke at the Royal, 10pm


Archer Ale House: $5 Moscow Mules, Gin Mules, and Hot Mexican Mules.

Boundary Bay: Subdued happy hour – $1 off pints and BBQ food 4pm-6pm.

Cabin Tavern: $3 tacos (3 for $8), $6 margaritas.

Cap’s Lounge: El Jimador $4.50, Hornitos $4 7-close.

Casa Que Pasa: $5 Pabst and shot of Pancho Villa Gold.

Cocoanut Grove: Meatball sub with side $6.75, Mike’s Hard $5.

Grand Avenue Ale House: $3 Rolling Rock pitchers, 9-midnight or when the tap runs out.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: $4.75 Jack and coke.

Northside Restaurant: Taco night – 3 tacos/$3, taco salad $7, margaritas $3.

Redlight: Industry night – $1 off everything but combos, half price call tequila.

Rumors Cabaret: $6 specialty shaker drinks all night long and $3 PBR Pitchers, and $2 wells from 9pm until midnight.

Scotty Brown’s: $2 off margaritas.

Slo Pitch: Rotating micro and Cuervo, $4, slider trio $6.99 5-9pm.

Village Inn Pub: Burger special – $3.95 from 4pm-8pm.



Where to go and what to do on Monday night in Bellingham. Updated every week.


Irish and Folk Monday: Blackthorn at Boundary Bay, 6pm

Trivia at Kulshan Brewery (James St.), 7pm

Open mic hosted by Trace Rezidoux at the Green Frog, 7pm

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Trivia at the Culture Cafe, 8pm

Guffawingham comedy open mic at the Green Frog, 9:30pm

Music Trivia with Crystal at the Racket, 9:30pm

Lip Sync Battle  at the Wild Buffalo, 10pm

Karaoke at Rumors Cabaret, 10pm

Karaoke at Bellingham Bar and Grill, 10pm


Bellingham Bar and Grill: $2.50 wells, $5 Jager bombs, $5 Touchdowns, $5.50 AMF.

Best Buds Gaming Lounge: Industry Night, 20% off drinks 8pm-1am.

Cap’s Lounge: $3 micro pints 7-close.

Casa Que Pasa: $3 microbrews and $4 nicaraguans.

Chuckanut Brewery: $3 pints 6-close.

Cocoanut Grove: Cheeseburger with side $5.75.

Grand Avenue Ale House: Industry night – happy hour prices for food service workers.

Honey Moon: All day happy hour.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: $6 corona and well tequila shot, free pool all day.

Nicki’s Bella Marina: $10 burger and beer.

Ovn Pizza: All you can eat pizza and salad bar, $12.85.

The Racket: $3 gimlet or bourbon rocks, each come with a Lucky Strike, 9pm-close.

Redlight: Tall boy of Montucky Lager and a shot of Bulleit Bourbon for $7.

Rumors Cabaret: $3 micro pints, $6 Ciroc vodka, $2 Montucky Cold Snack and Old German tall boys.

Scotty Brown’s: $2 off mojitos, $5 off bottles of wine.

Slo Pitch Sports Grill: $2.50 burgers, $4 garlic fries from 6-9.