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Bellingham bar specials and events for Saturday

Live music, dancing and other over-21 fun in Bellingham tonight.

Bellingham Events

Block Party ft. Yogoman Burning Band, the Penny Stinkers, Old Town Tonic, and the Badd Dog Blues Society at Stone’s Throw Brewery, noon-9pm

Singer’s Saturday at the Fireside Martini Bar, 4pm

Camp WWU at Boundary Bay, 7pm

Go Slowpoke, Sweeping Exits, Yurt at Make.Shift, 8pm (all ages, no booze)

Faucher Four at Skylark’s, 8pm

Anissa Quintet at the Fireside Martini Bar, 8pm

Bilongo Quintet at Honey Moon, 8pm

Karaoke at El Gitano, 9pm

DJ Party Rock at Rumors, 9pm

Thunderpussy, Wild Powwers at the Wild Buffalo, 9pm

Jake Hemming and the Bereaved, Gentri Watson, Benjie Howard at the Green Frog 9pm

Truck Race, Battery, Lalochezia, Ego Arcade at the Shakedown, 10pm

Eastern Suns, Invictus, Club Mage at the Swillery, 10pm

Bellingham Bar Specials

Casa Que Pasa: $6 tarantula margaritas.

Cocoanut Grove: Hot dog and fries $5.25, domestic pints $2.75. 

Dos Padres: $4.50 double driver.

Glow: $2 Pabst, $5 mystery drinks. $2 wells until 11.

Grand Avenue Ale House: $2.00 off  micro pitchers with 18 wings, 5-10.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: $4 blood orange screwdrivers.

The Royal: $2 wells 9-11.

Rumors: $6 doubles.

Slo Pitch: $3 Coors Light, $4 duck farts.

Village Inn Pub: Free pool, prime rib special.


Bellingham bar specials and events for Friday

Friday fun in Bellingham, updated weekly.

Bellingham events for Friday

Pre-Ski to Sea party at Boundary Bay, 5pm

Best of Fools at Hops and Headz, 6pm (in the beer garden)

Sonja Lee Band at Skylark’s, 8pm

Carr Johnson and Bruce Parker at Fireside Martini & Wine Bar, 8pm

East Coast Dave at Honey Moon, 8:30pm

Karaoke with host Seamus O’Carey at the Village Inn Pub, 9pm

Free Funk Friday at Wild Buffalo, 9:30pm

Karaoke at El Gitano, 9pm

Mogons, the Ludovico Treatment, Lifeless Form at the Shakedown, 9:30pm

Black Light Party at the Underground, 9:30pm

Good Friday- all hiphop at Glow, 9:30pm

Linus and Alicia’s Dumpster Fire DJ Shitshow at the Swillery, 10pm

All Request Fridays w/DJ Party Rock at Rumors, 10pm

Our Dead Fathers, Star Anna at the Green Frog, 10pm

Bellingham bar specials for Friday

Casa Que Pasa: $6 Hornitos refreshers.

Chuckanut Brewery: $8 liter steins.

Cocoanut Grove: 6oz. New York Steak Caesar Salad $7.75, domestic bottled beer $2.50.

Glow: $5 mystery drink. $2 wells until 11.

Green Frog: $3 pints 4-7.

Rumors Cabaret: $4 Long Island iced teas, $6 double wells, $4 Long Beach Iced teas 9-midnight.

Scotty Brown’s: $3 off pitchers of beer.

Bellingham bar specials and events for Wednesday

Your Wednesday roundup on where to go and what to do in Bellingham. Updated every week.

Bellingham Bar Events

K2 Trivia with Jen Castaldo at K2 Kulshan Brewing on Kentucky Street, 7pm

Trivia at the Slo Pitch, 7pm

You Knew Me When at Kulshan on James, 7pm

Spin Jam Hooping and Flow Toys at the Wild Buffalo, 7pm

Beer Garden Dance Party with DJ Forrest Michael at Boundary Bay, 8pm (all ages until 10pm)

Trivia at Rumors, 9pm

Open Mic at Honey Moon Mead & Cider, 8:30pm

Surfer Yeti, Cat Positive, the Collectors at the Shakedown, 9pm

Fancy Bingo  at Glow, 9pm

90’s Night at the Wild Buffalo, 9pm

Karaoke at the Royal, 10pm

80s Remix at the Green Frog, 10pm

Karaoke at the Swillery, 10pm

Talent Show at Rumors, 11pm (signups start at 9pm)

Bellingham Bar Specials

Archer Ale House: 20% off all whiskey, all day.

Bellingham Bar and Grill: Progressive wells start at 75 cents at 9, go up 50 cents every half hour.

Bob’s Burgers and Brew, Downtown: $3 half order of wings, 7pm-11pm.

The Cabin: $3 hot dog and a tall boy.

Casa Que Pasa: $5.50 Tarantula margaritas, $5 spider bites.

Chuckanut Brewery:  Buy a pint, get the second for $2.25 6-close.

Cocoanut Grove:  BBQ chicken sandwich $5.75, micro pints $3.00. 

Dos Padres: $2 double-it, 15% off with WWU ID.

Glow: $2 jello shots, $3 tallboys, $4 Fireballs, $5 doubles.

Grand Avenue Ale House: Burger, fries, and pint of PBR $6, 5-10.

Green Frog: $4 well drinks 4-7.

Homeskillet: Taco Wednesdays – $3 tacos.

Horseshoe/Ranch Room: Pabst or Rainier and well whiskey shot, $5.50, game night – 10% off food for gamers.

Nicki’s Bella Marina: $1 off all whiskey and ribs.

Redlight: $1 off all infusions, $5 blonde redheads.

Rock and Rye Oyster Bar: $15 steak frites and a pint.

The Royal: Well drinks $1 8-9pm, $2 9-11pm, free pool.

Rumors Cabaret: $1.25 PBR pints and $3.75 Fireball 9-close, $2 wells 11-midnight.

Scotty Brown’s: $5 off bottles of wine.

Slo Pitch Sports Grill: Wing night, wings 29 cents each.

Wild Buffalo: Hula hoop happy hour 7:30 – 9:30, $2 Rainier tall boys, $2 wells, $3 pints.

Today on Tap is a daily event roundup compiled by June Hathaway for Bellingham on Tap. Bar specials change from time to time, so please let me know if you see an error so I can fix it in future editions. Thanks in advance from your humble editor!

Quick Bite: Rook and Rogue Game Pub

by June Hathaway

Started my Sunday with breakfast at Rook and Rogue, the new board game pub in the old Port of Subs space at 206 Magnolia. They have approximately 700 board games on hand, covering all skill levels. Most are free to play, but R&R does have memberships that grant access to the super-fancy games.

Check out the nerdy-ass menu, ogle my Muggle Breakfast and Cyborg Mimosa, and admire our charming server Cassie. Rook and Rogue is soft open now, so they’re still tweaking thing. They will be holding a grand opening celebration on May 27th.


Fancy bingo, unfancy beer (updated)

What: Fancy Bingo (and beer tasting on February 8) UPDATE: Cheap beer tasting will go on all month. There’s still time!)

When: Every Wednesday at 8pm

Where: Glow Nightclub, upstairs at 208 E Holly St.

For the past few years bingo games have been popping up, generally as monthly or one-off events. Now Glow Nightclub’s bingo is a weekly event – you can get you dabber on every Wednesday.

Each drink purchase gets you one free bingo card (with three grids); you can nab more for $1 each. The proceedings are made a little weirder with “bingo lingo,” nicknames for numbers that traditionally mixes British rhyming slang and military jargon. The Glow crew’s own contributions to the lexicon include “69, dinner for two.” Alas, 68 is “dinner for one.”

Host Aireekah Laudert lovingly bundles themed prizes from sponsor merch and, in one recent game, props left behind by a bachelorette party.  Past prizes have included a Hecka Goth bag –“Quoth the Raven” incense, krampus soap, and a sweet Sailor Jerry’s tee — and the Stay at Home basket that included a leopard print onesie and a microwave egg cooker.

Fancy dress is welcome but not required – bingo caller Aireekah Laudert and her accomplice Jackie Kersten (who ran bingo at the old Cabin Tavern) are fancy enough to carry the whole room.

This week’s game includes a cheap beer tasting to determine which mass-market swill is the finest. I got in touch with Aireekah to learn more.

BoT: Is this a blind tasting?

Aireekah: It’s a blind tasting! There will be seven different beers along with a sheet that tells you what beers are being served, but not in order. Then you guess which beer is which! Whoever gets the most correct wins a big prize at the end of the night, which they don’t need to be present for to win.

Also, there will be a special prize for the best description of a beer! And lots of swishing of cheap ass brews in mouths, talks of nuances, head, and legs.

BoT: Will there be palate cleansers? I read somewhere that they are an important part of a serious beer tasting.

Aireekah: We will have Glow’s regular array of tapas including cheeseballs, cotton candy, gummy worms, pretzels, and more! Did you know that Glow is Bellingham’s premier tapas bar?

BoT: Tell me why bingo is a thing I should do.

Aireekah: Fancy Bingo is an amazing thing to do because bingo rules. We feature the best Bingo Lingo brought to you from the UK, the USA, and Glow. Also it’s an excuse to dress up like you’re going to the Golden Globes or a brunch with the Golden Girls!

And we have SO MANY PRIZES! Our sponsors include Sea Witch Botanicals, La Fiamma Woodfire Pizza, Red Boots Design, The Pickford Film Center, Comics Place, Shrimp Whisperer AK, and Glitt3r Lyfe! There’s even opportunities to win things without getting a bingo! It’s a blingo miracle every single frakin’ Wednesday.